How To Read Deleted Messages On WhatsApp?

Do you want to Read deleted messages on WhatsApp? Yes, You can see deleted messages on WhatsApp. You just need Android 7.0 or higher. And if you have Android 7.0 or higher, then you just need the third party application for recover deleted messages on WhatsApp.


How To Read Deleted Messages On WhatsApp?


WhatsApp ‘Delete For Everyone’

Nowadays Everyone is familiar with the WhatsApp’s ‘Delete For Everyone’ feature. It lets WhatsApp Users delete sent messages within seven minutes of sending them. This cool feature was really helpful in many ways. If you have sent a message to a wrong person or a wrong message to a person, then you can delete the message before a person to whom you have sent read that message. It can be taken as a good point and it can be also misused. it totally depends on users that how to use ‘Delete For Everyone.’

Recover Deleted Messages On WhatsApp

But is there a possibility that we can still read deleted messages on WhatsApp? The answer is Yes. Recently, a Spanish Android blog, Android Jefe has discovered a way around this feature and claims that deleted messages on the device can still be read by the recipient. All this is made possible with the apps called Notification History or Notif Log Notification History. Users running Android 7.0 Nougat or higher version can simply download third-party apps called Notification History or Notif Log Notification History to read deleted messages. After downloading the Notification History or Notif Log Notification History apps from Google Play Store, WhatsApp users will be able to read a message that has been actually deleted by the person who has sent the messages.

Download Notif Log Notification History from Google Play Store or Click Here to Download.

Download Notification History from Google Play Store or Click Here to Download.

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Read Deleted Messages On WhatsApp

This app works only for deleted text messages, and not photos, videos or any other media. The simple ideology that works here is that the messages are stored in the notification register of the Android system. By entering that record, WhatsApp user can easily see the messages that the person has sent and deleted. The Notification History application is a shortcut to read deleted messages on WhatsApp.

Read Deleted Messages On WhatsApp

Though this app helps in reading the deleted messages, it also comes with certain drawbacks. Apart from the fact that only text message can be viewed but only the first 100 characters of a message will be visible to users. Also, only messages for which a user has received notification can be seen i.e. only messages stored in the register can be seen. it means that the messages are stored just for a few hours on the device and those messages will be deleted if users switch off or restart the device. Finally, it probably doesn’t work for devices running Android versions older than Android 7.0 Nougat.

So this is the way to Read deleted messages on WhatsApp. We hope that you understand how to use it.

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