Privacy Policy

Who Are We?

This is a Website which name is Technical Talks.  Technical Talks’ URL or Web Address is Owner of this website is Mahammad Ravani. This website has developed in WordPress.

What We Never Ask?

We never ask you to log in to our website. We do not collect information like Mobile Number, Personal Address, etc.

What Data Do We Collect?

Here is the list of the data we collect.


We collect cookies on our website to give better user experience. The cookies will last for almost one year.

Contact Forms

Any user can contact us through our contact us page. And whenever a user does that, we will receive his/her name, email, a message from the user. We do not store it.


Whenever a user comments on our post, he/she leaves his/her Name, Email, Website URL and A Comment. And we use Akismet Plugin to provide spam-free comments. By this way, users information will be saved.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics on our website to track the traffic coming to our website. Google Analytics collects the user’s information like IP, Geo, His/Her activity on our website. We don’t disclose any of those data.

Google AdSense

We participate in Google AdSense Program for Publishers. This program will show interest or non-interest based ads to users. We do not collect any type of data for this purpose.


We also participate in Affiliate Programs. Some of the links given in website are Affiliate links. We do not compel users to buy, if they want to buy then they can. We will be rewarded if someone buys from our links.


We collect Emails from our users. We collect it to send periodic emails to notify them about our new blog posts.


Last Updated Privacy Policy 2nd July 2018.