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Android Hidden Tricks And Tips That You Don’t Know

Android Hidden Tricks And Tips That You Don’t Know: There is always a debate that who is best? Android v/s iOS. But Android has an edge over its features which makes Android a strong in this competition.

Android is more versatile and customizable than iOS. And even Android’s features are the best performing. Because whatever the device is, whether it is Samsung or Xiaomi or OnePlus or whatever, you will find most of the Android features under settings menu of any Android Smartphone.

So today we are going to talks about these Android features. You may be aware of many features, but there are some hidden features of Android that you don’t know. Yes! There are some hidden tricks and tips in Android which are very useful for many. these Android hidden tricks are going to help you in many ways.


Android Hidden Tricks And Tips


So here it is the list of Android hidden tricks and tips that you don’t know, but you should know about it.

1) Tweek the status bar

A status bar shows us battery life, signal strength, notifications and other icons. Have you ever wonder that you can change icons which are currently available notification bar? Yes, You can do so and even you can change the order of icons according to your comfort.

This is a hidden feature of Android which is available for newer versions only, not for older versions. This Android hidden feature is called “System UI Turner’. It allows you to change the order of icons of the notification bar and also allows you to change the icons.

System UI turner                        System UI Turner.

To enable System UI Turner,

  • Swipe down from top of the screen to open Quick Settings
  • Click on the Setting gear icon on the top right side and hold it for a few seconds.
  • If you see a confirmation message, that means you have successfully enabled System UI Turner.

Now let’s try System UI Turner.

  • Go to the Settings
  • At the bottom side, you will find a new menu called ‘System UI Turner”. Click on it.
  • Now you will find an option of ‘Status bar’. Click on it.
  • Here you will find many options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, Do Not Disturb, Etc. Now just change the setting as you want. Turn ON/OFF icons as per your comfort.

2) Bring back lost notifications

Have you accidentally swiped away one of the notifications that was important and you wanted to read it fully? Do you want to review the notifications that were swiped away by you in a hurry? Do not worry about it. Because getting back lost notifications is a part of Android hidden tricks which allows a user to bring back lost notifications.

Notification log in widgets.           Notification Log shortcut         Notification Log

To Bring back lost notifications,

  • On the home screen, Tap and hold on an empty screen.
  • Go to widgets.
  • Find the settings shortcut.
  • Tap and hold to this shortcut and them drag it to an empty part of the home screen.
  • Now a list will automatically appear.
  • Choose Notification log from the list.
  • You will also find Android notification history.
  • Enjoy it.

3) Guest Mode

Have you a younger brother/sister who do not have a phone and takes your phone to play it? Are you feeling unsecured about your privacy? Don’t worry because Android will not make you unsecured. Android has a very good feature of ‘Guest Mode’.

Guest Mode allows you to create a duplicate of your smartphone, not physically at all, but it creates a separate profile of your phone. If you enable Guest Mode on your Android Smartphone, then your all data will be safe in your profile. So whenever you give your phone to anyone, just enable Guest Mode and then give it.

hidden features of android

To enable Guest Mode,

  • Swipe the status bar with the two fingers to open Quick Settings.
  • Then Click on a User icon.
  • Now click on ‘Add Guest User’.
  • That’s it. You have successfully enabled Guest Mode.

4) Choose new default apps

One of the best Android Smartphone tips and tricks is that you can choose your default apps. This is one of the major difference between Android and iOS. Android allows you to select a default app for texting, web browsing, viewing photos, etc.

A default app allows you enjoy a break free experience with a smartphone. A default app opens automatically when you perform something on your smartphone.

android hidden features        default apps for browsing

To select an app for default,

  • Go to settings.
  • Select apps in a menu.
  • Tap on the cog icon which will take you to default apps sections.
  • Select any categories to select a default app among all installed apps.
  • For an example – If you select Opera Browser as your Web Browsing App, then whenever you click on a web link, then this link will be opened in Opera browser automatically.

5) Power button to end call

When you are watching an interesting movie or a serial or a cricket match and suddenly you get a call. After completing a call, you have to cut the call and for that purpose, you have to take off your eyes from a TV to your smartphone, in between this you miss an interesting scene, right?

Most of the users have their thumb near to Power Button while they are on call. So enabling ‘Power button to end call’ will help you too much.

power button ends call

To enable this feature,

  • Go to settings.
  • Then open Accessibility Menu.
  • Now turn off the option of ‘Power Button ends call’.

6) Activate one-handed mode

Nowadays lastest generation’s smartphones are growing bigger and bigger in size. So it becomes harder and harder to operate a smartphone with a single hand. But thanks to the Android and it’s one of the hidden features which allows a user to use a smartphone with a single hand.

Most Android Smartphones has a Google’s custom keyboard as a default keyboard, which allows using a keyboard with a single hand. And in case if you do not have this keyboard, then you can also download it.

activate one handed mode

To activate one-handed mode,

  • Open your keyboard.
  • Tap and hold backslash key.
  • Drag up to a right-hand icon to enable one-handed mode.
  • Now the arrows let you switch this smaller keyboard from side to side.
  • The bottom icon let you reposition it.
  • And top icon restores to a full-size keyboard.

7) Smart lock – Get into your phone faster

Smart Lock – One of the amazing Android tips and tricks. It allows you to lock/unlock your phone with different options. If you have set your home or your office as a trusted place, then you don’t need to unlock your phone with your password, it will unlock automatically.

Even you can your voice as a Trusted Voice to unlock your smartphone with your voice. And you can set your face as a Trusted Face to unlock your smartphone with your face. This sounds great, isn’t it?

smart lock - trusted place

To enable Smart Lock,

  • Go to settings.
  • Now go to Security Menu.
  • Now select Smart Lock and then select a lock as your need.

8) Disable the lock screen at home


As I mentioned above, you can disable the lock screen at a particular place, whether it is a home or an office. You just have to go through Trusted Place option in Smart Lock, Then select the place at where you want to disable the lock screen. That’s it.

smart lock - trusted place

It really helps a lot. If you have set a lock screen for a specific place like office, then at home you did not have to unlock again and again. It’s on you how to use this smart feature of Android.

9) Android Device Manager – Locate Your Phone

What if your Android phone is misplaced somewhere in your home or else? But thanks to the Android feature called Android Device Manager which allows a user to locate your phone.

To locate the lost phone,

  • You just need an email ID which has logged on your lost phone.
  • Now open Find my device on another device. Log in with the same email ID.
  • That’s it. You found your phone.

Android Device Manager Features:

  • Find your lost phone.
  • Ring your phone, even if it is in silent mode.
  • Lock your phone with a screen lock.
  • Erase data from your smartphone.

10) Cast your android screen

What if you want to see your smartphone’s display in a bigger screen of your Smart TV? Even without the help of Google Chromecast? Yes, You can do it very easily. This android trick or a feature is called ‘Screen Casting’.

  • Swipe down the status bar with the two fingers to open quick settings.
  • You will find an option of ‘Cast’.
  • Open it and connect with your Smart TV.

11) Screen Pinning – Lock phone borrowers inside the app

What if you have to go somewhere outside while leaving your phone to your friend/relative or someone else? What if you do not want to allow them to access the other apps except the app that you opened for him/her? Isn’t it weird?

What if you can pin any screen on your smartphone and then nobody can access the other apps without your password? Yes, this is possible with the help of Android hidden tricks. You can pin any screen and then other screens cannot be opened without your phone’s lock.

android tips and tricks - screen pinning

To enable Screen Pinning,

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then go to security menu.
  • Then enable Screen Pinning in security menu.

After enabling Screen Pinning,

  • Launch any app that you want to pin.
  • Then open ‘Recent Apps’ by tapping Square Navigation button.
  • Now you will find a pin icon in the lower right-hand corner.
  • Tap the pin button and the screen will be pinned.
  • That’s it.

To unpin,

  • Press and hold Back button.
  • You will be prompted to enter your lock screen password.
  • Enter it and it will be unpinned.

12) Wi-Fi Direct – Quick File Transfer

Who do not love easy and quick transferring files between two android devices? We have many apps available in Google Play Store that allows users to transfer files. But sometimes these apps suck. But a very good Android hidden feature makes it easy and quick. And it is Android Beam.

best tricks of android

To use Wi-Fi Direct,

  • Go to setting.
  • Then go to Wireless & Networks.
  • Now turn on NFC option.
  • Do this on both devices.
  • Open the file that you want to send.
  • Now put both phones together.
  • It will connect both phones and then you can share files via Wi-Fi Direct.

13) Multitasking – Run apps side by side

Android has introduced multitasking of apps, especially from Android 7.0 Nougat which allows a user to run two apps simultaneously. This is a very good feature of Android. I know that this feature doesn’t fit under the title of Android hidden tricks, but I listed it here because still, many Android Smartphone users do not know about it exactly.

android smartphone tips and tricks

To do multitasking,

  • Tap Overview/Square button to open recent apps.
  • Now select which app do you want to use.
  • Then hold and drag that app to the top of the display or left of the display.
  • And now select another app to open up with the first app.
  • Hidden Trick: Press and hold overview/square button to close multitasking.

When it comes to multitasking, Video viewing and game playing will make too laggy.

14) Make text and images more visible

If you are struggling to see what is on the screen or do you have a problem reading a document or a PDF or a display having small fonts, then you can zoom in or out the text or a file or an object. Yes, You can do so. Android has a very good hidden trick of zoom in/out the display. Not all apps support this feature, but many do.

increase font size of text and images

To enable Zoom In/Out,

  • Go to settings.
  • Then go to Display menu.
  • Tap on Font Size.
  • Now increase/decrease the size of fonts.

15) Save a web page as PDF

Do you get irritated taking too many screenshots of a web page? Especially when there are too many pages? Here it is a solution for it. Google Chrome + Android Trick has a solution for it. I am sure that many users are not aware of this trick, that’s why I have listed out this trick under the title of Android hidden tricks.

Save web page as a PDF                     how to save web page as a PDF

To save a web page as PDF,

  • Open a webpage that you want to save as a PDF.
  • Click on 3 Dots on the upper right-hand side.
  • Then tap on the Share button.
  • Then go through Print option.
  • Not select ‘Save as a PDF’.
  • That’s it. The page will be downloaded as PDF

16) OK Google

Till now, I have discussed many android tips and tricks and features, but this one is my favourite. I love hand free access of Android Smartphone.

Ok Google                 Activate Ok Google in android smartphone

We use Mic button of Google Search Bar to search in the web. We do set alarms, reminders and many things manually. But all these things can happen totally without hands. Yes, a hands-free access to Android features. And I loves it.

To activate Ok Google,

  • Press and hold an empty area of the home screen.
  • Click on settings.
  • Then click on Voice Option.
  • At there you will find an option of Ok Google.
  • Go through that option and adjust voice and other settings according to your comfort.
  • That’s it. You did it.

Now anytime, Just speak Ok Google and give your command.

17) The Dinosaur game

What do you do when you lose data connection while surfing browser? I am sure that you get bored when it happens. I have a solution for you guys. And it is a Game. Yes, you heard right. Don’t worry, you don’t have to install any game, it is pre-installed on your smartphone, in fact in Chrome Browser.

The Dinosaur Game                   Dinosaur game of google chrome

When you lose your data connection, you will find the Dinosaur in Chrome Browser, having written ‘You are offline’ underside. Just tap on it and the game will be started. Beware, the game is tough to play, especially when you go ahead.


So, these are the Android tips and tricks that you don’t know, but you should. It is on you guys that how do you use these hidden features of Android. These features are really great, you can use it wisely in different situations.

A small tip from my side that everyone should take card of gadgets, especially Android devices. Take care in the sense of just follow tips related to it. There are some things that you should not do on your android phone. That is the take care of Android devices.

There are many other Android Tips that you should follow in order to get maximum out of your Android Smartphone. If you follow these Android Tips, then you will find that your phone is working well than previous one.

Thank You.

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