You Should Never Do In Your Android Phone

7 Things You Should Never Do In Your Android Phone

Hello Friends! Is your Android Phones is running too slow? Is your Android Phone is lagging? Do you want to make your phone faster? Do you want to run your Android Phone smoothly? Then you are at right place and this article is for you. In this article, I will tell you 7 things that you should never do in your android phone. And you should stop if you are doing these things because these things might harm your android phone. So read the following article completely.


7 Things You Should Never Do In Your Android Phone


You Should Never Do In Your Android Phone

1. Killing apps from the recent apps menu.

I know guys that you all have a habit of killing apps from recent apps menu by swiping right-left. And you are thinking that by doing this, your ram will be cleared and your phone will work faster. But unfortunately, you guys are wrong.

killing apps from recent apps menu

By clearing apps from recent apps menu will put the load on your processor. Because whenever you will open an app, it makes the load on your processor and battery. So if you clear all apps and opens it again & again, it will make the load on your processor. So in the end, your phone will work slower.

Listen, guys, Android is smart itself. That’s why an android phone is called a SMARTPHONE. So Android will clear the ram itself whenever needed and will make space for another app.

So Guys, Don’t Clear Apps From Recent Apps Menu. And this is the first thing that everyone is doing, but you should never do in your android phone.

2. Clearing Cached Memory.

Same as the No.1 point. Many of you guys clear the cache memory, just to make free space on your phone. This is not a good thing.

Clearing Catched Memory

For Example:- If you have used Google Maps to search a particular area like Mumbai, India. So now Android will save the data of Mumbai, India on your phone. So whenever you will search the same data that is Mumbai, India, at that time the android will load the data from your phone, and it will not use internet connectivity. So if you clear the cache memory, the data will be deleted. And it will be load newly by using your internet connectivity.

Even C-Cleaner app do the same thing. I mean it clears the cache memory. So Guys, Don’t Use C-Cleaner And Don’t Clear cached Memory.

3. Installing Apps From Unknown Sources.

I have seen that if a person buys a new phone, He or She installs apps from various app stores. Downloading from other app stores will harm your phone. Your data will be leaked.

So guys download apps only from Google Play Store. It has already more than 2 Millions apps. Then why should you use other play stores? No, You should never do in your Android Phone.

4.Using An Anti Virus App.

I have seen that many people use an antivirus app. Listen, Guys, Android Phone doesn’t need any Antivirus App. Only PC/Laptop need it. Because if you have already downloaded apps or data from trusted sites, then your phone doesn’t need Antivirus app. Because it may harm your android phone.

So Guys, Don’t Use Any Antivirus App.

5. Using Battery Saver.

Do you know what Battery Saver do ??  It clears a the apps from recent apps menu which affects your phone and makes it slower. Another thing that a Battery Saver do is switching off GPS, Data, Bluetooth, etc whenever it is not in use. Now tell me guys, can’t you manually turn off that features ?? Do you really need an app to do that? Think about it.

So, Guys, There is no need of using a Battery Saver as it makes the load on your battery and processor.

6. Installing Fake Apps.

For Example:- You installed Fingerprint Scanner who claims that your hone will be unlocked with your fingertips. Now, guys, Fingerprint Lock System is a hardware based. Now your phone’s hardware doesn’t support fingerprint lock, then how an app will do it? This is a fake app. Beware. It may harm your phone. It will show Ads frequently on your phone.

So Guys, Don’t Install Fake Apps Like That.

7. Restart Your Phone.

Last thing that you never do in your android phone, but you should do it. Yes, You should restart your phone regularly. Like a Man, A device also needs some break. It will make your phone Fresh. Restart it once in a day if possible or once in 3-4 days. And if it is not possible, then restart your phone at least once in a week. it is a good habit. Your phone will be fresh whenever you switched it on.

So, Guys, that’s it from this Article. I hope you understand “7 Things You Should Never Do On Your Android Phone”. I am sure if you follow these things, your phone will be faster than previous one.

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I hope you liked My Article. And don’t forget to comment the feedback.

Thank You.

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