Tips To Save Battery Life Of Android Phone

10 Tips To Save Battery Life Of Android Phone

Hello Friends. Is your battery draining fast? Do you want to increase the battery life of the android phone?  Then read this article completely. In this article, I have explained: “10 Tips To Save Battery Life Of Android Phone”.

We all using SmartPhones and many of us are dependent on it for day to day life.

Nowadays, SmartPhones having High-End Processors. And we all are having high usage of apps and games. So at the end of the day or even before the end of the day, we have got Warning Message that “Your Battery is Low.”

So here are some points that if you follow them, then you will get better battery life than previous one.


10 Tips To Save Battery Life Of Android Phone


1. App Updates

There is a Default Setting of Auto-Update in Google Play Store. So whenever App Updates come and your Wi-Fi or Mobile Data is On, The App will be automatically updated.

Now the situation is that when you are outside and where there is a weak network. So at that time if any App will start updating, then Downloading Speed will be low. And due to this, more battery will be consumed.

So Turn Off the Auto Update in Your Google Play Store. Update your Apps whenever you want it to do.

2. Tuk-Tuk Sound – Vibration

Tuk-Tuk Sounds like Screen Lock Sound, Dial Pad Sounds, KeyPad Touch Sound, etc. Now, these sound uses the Motor of Vibration that is already fitted on your Phone. And it consumes Battery, Whenever the motor is running.

So Turn Off those Unwanted Sounds.

3. Screen

Screen plays a major role in Tips To Save Battery Life Of Android Phone. Don’t use High Brightness. Use it only when you are in SunShine. But it doesn’t mean that you have to put very low brightness. Just put the brightness according to your condition of the area.

Now you are thinking that you should use Auto-Brightness Feature. No Way. Because whenever Auto-Brightness is On, It uses its Sensors to identify the condition of outside lightings. So in the end, it uses the more battery.

So set the brightness manually and as per the requirement.

4. Radios

Radios mean not the only Network of the Sim Cards i.e Jio, Airtel, Idea, etc. But Radios contains the networks like Wi-Fi,Bluetooth,GPS,NFC,etc.

So whenever the above networks are Turned On, they consume Battery. In Short, Whenever there is no use of a network, then turned if Off.

5. Siri, OK Google, Etc

Turn Off  OK Google if you have Android Phone and Turn Off Siri if you have iPhone. These features use Mikes. And if they are turned On, then Mikes will stay On 24 Hours to detect the voice and eventually uses the battery all time.

So turn off those features. And whenever you need them, at that time Click On OK Google or Siri to use them.

6. Screen TimeOut

Don’t set the Screen TimeOut at High. Because whenever any Notification or Sms will come and your phone will stay On until the time you have set as your TimeOut.

So set the time of 30 Seconds or 1 Minute. This is default time for everyone. You may feel Odd sometimes with this timing, but it will be good for your battery and your android phone.

7. Wallpaper

Don’t use Live Wallpaper. Strick advice to not use Live Wallpapers. And especially use Light type Wallpapers, not having bright wallpapers. Black Colour is a good example of Wallpaper. a little bit odd, but a good one.

8. Unnecessary Apps

Unnecessary Apps like Fingerprint Lock, Face Lock, etc. Don’t use those apps. It uses your sensors for nothing and consumes your Battery for everything.

9. Data Usage.

Turn Off the background data of unnecessary apps. Now apps like Xander, Zapya, Flipkart, etc don’t need it. If any App is important, then Ok. Let it use the data in the background.

10. Fake / Duplicate Charger

Fake/Duplicate Charger plays a major role in Tips To Save Battery Life Of Android Phone. Don’t use Fake or Duplicate Chargers. Use Branded only. Those Fake Chargers will harm your battery and will be slow to charge your phone. And there is a possibility that your battery will be a blast too.


I hope that You all guys understand the above-mentioned topic that is 10 Tips To Save Battery Life Of Android Phone and apply them to your phones. If you still have any Query, then comment below.

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Thank You.

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