Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning Vs Deep Learning

Machine learning and the artificial intelligence are the two components used in computer science and these two technologies are huge demand and so many people are using this technology for their projects and the whole world is adopted to this technology, it is an emerging technology and companies are looking forward to adopt people who […]

The Artificial Intelligent Robotic Android Paradox; If You Think, Then You Are, I Think

RenĂ©e Descartes made the famous quote; I Think Therefore I Am. If we consider this further then we have to observe the truth about you and others that we see. If they think then they are and what we see is something real. But how can we know? In a far-off future there will be […]

Artificial Intelligence Memory Recognition Training

For it artificial intelligence computer system to work properly it must be trained to adapt, move and make decisions based on the input from its sensors. If we are to design unmanned aerial vehicles which seek and destroyed enemy targets of opportunity, then we must train that computer system to recognize shapes and objects for […]